Let's build the future together, today

Together, across national borders, we can achieve a greater positive impact for a better world. We are in search of international pioneers, artists, architects, designers, scientists, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, and other changemakers. We want you to get involved in realizing this dream place. 

We need you

designers, artists and architects inspired by nature

We want to get to know every designer in the world who's work is in the field of living and is inspired by nature. Whether working with natural materials, biobased, bio-art, landart, eco-design, biomimicry, biophilic design, recycling and upcycling materials, landscape architecture, a holistic approach of science, technology and design/ art. For both products and designs that are already available on the market, as well as prototypes and new ideas that are ready for further development. Or if you're interested in an assignment for the design of a new house or the renovation of the historic buildings. For more information in the possibilities of working together and sharing your work, please contact us.

financial partners

We are in search of investors who believe in the purpose and ambition of our business and want to get involved in making a positive impact on society and our environment. Various financing options are available. Through crowdfunding (campaign will start in Oct. 2019), loan and convertible loan with return on investment and a possible share in the company, sponsorship, partnership, donations and grants. Are you interested in the exact possibilities and conditions for financing, please contact us.

experts and advisors in sustainability and construction

Do you have in-depth knowledge of sustainability, tourism, engineering, building and construction? Then we invite you to contact us with sharing us your expertise and exploring the possibilities for cooperation.

suppliers of materials

We are very grateful if we can reuse quality materials used in construction projects or surplus materials. If you have any useful materials please contact us.

volunteers and ambassadors

If you are interested in helping us in any other way, do you want to become an ambassador for our project. We can use your help in building the online platform, a community for sustainable design. Promotion and sharing knowledge of sustainability and design and in sharing the story of our project and process. If you have expertise in social media, storytelling, sustainability, design and/ or tourism. Please contact us.

mailinglist and newsletter

Do you want to be informed and updated about the realization of our plan? Please let us know and subscribe to our mailinglist by email.